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Murata Production is a Eastern producer {of electrical} parts and multi-functional modules ever since 1944. A few of the corporate’s product catalogue are more than a few soil sensors which are designed to incessantly measure the prerequisites in agricultural environments.

Murata soil sensors had been examined on more than one pilot tasks in field-based agricultural operations however are actually being presented to the greenhouse and landscaping industries. “Indoor farming might be the following audience,” in keeping with product supervisor Juli Ban.

“Indoor farming can surely be within the scope as sensor-based irrigation control can play a the most important function for the luck of such farms,” says Juli.


Multi-use sensors to be had for soil-based manufacturing, quickly including different media
Murata provides 3-in-1 sensors that concurrently observe the temperature, soil moisture, and conductivity. The corporate additionally has a separate sensor for carbon dioxide dimension, which is to be had for greenhouse operations now.

In the meanwhile, the 3-in-1 sensors can simplest be utilized in soil and herbal substrates however Murata is growing answers for Rockwool and coconut-based rising media.

“We want to optimize the algorithms and instrument to paintings with those other rising media. We’ve already accomplished some initial trying out and noticed nice effects,” explains Juli.


Murata may be participating with other platforms and device integrators to give you the grower with soil prerequisites in addition to climate and irrigation knowledge. Whilst the corporate focuses on electric parts, Juli explains that this forte by myself isn’t enough from the tip consumer’s standpoint, which induced the corporate to search for companions in device integration.

So whilst Murata’s agricultural providing might recently focal point on soil-based manufacturing, growers can look ahead to seeing media-agnostic applied sciences coming to the marketplace quicker reasonably than later, all subsidized through Murata’s 80+ years of experience in electric techniques.

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Juli Ban, Product Supervisor
Murata Electronics Europe B.V

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