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Air France KLM Martinair Shipment (AFKLMP Shipment) and Jan de Rijk Logistics have joined forces to take the brand new Lengthy Heavy Automobile (LHV) into operation. This totally new truck aggregate will run on BioFuel – Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil 100 (HVO100). The massive benefit of the usage of an LHV is the large quantity of shipment it might lift. An LHV can lift six unit load gadgets (ULDs) at a time, while an ordinary cargo-carrying car can simplest take 4. Which means the usage of an LHV for 2 journeys saves a whole truck shuttle, subsequently considerably lowering CO₂ emissions as smartly.

The brand new LHV will likely be used completely at the direction between Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and Frankfurt am Primary. This strategic selection stems from the prime shipment volumes carried in this direction. Inside of AFKLMP Shipment’s in depth community, Frankfurt, like its Dutch house base Schiphol, is one in every of AFKLMP Shipment’s higher shipment hubs.


Adriaan den Heijer, EVP Air France KLM Shipment & Managing Director Martinair: “To succeed in better sustainability, we within the logistics sector are particularly aiming to forge alliances to advertise cutting edge and efficient answers. I am subsequently extraordinarily pleased with our partnership with Jan de Rijk Logistics in developing this sustainable aggregate of an LHV powered by means of HVO, specifically advanced for air shipment. This initiative contributes in opposition to our purpose of lowering CO₂ emissions additional.”

Fred Westdijk, CEO Jan de Rijk Logistics: “We are extraordinarily pleased with AFKLMP Shipment for being the primary airline to sign up for us to spend money on additional lowering CO₂ emissions. Jan de Rijk Logistics has actively promoted using Lengthy Heavy Cars (LHVs) and Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO) lately and is happy to welcome AFKLMP Shipment as a ‘first mover.’ Now that the primary airline has joined us, we are hoping that others will observe quickly to cut back the affect on our local weather.”


Jan de Rijk Logistics and AFKLMP Shipment have already performed a number of initiatives in combination of their lengthy historical past. AFKLMP Shipment and Jan de Rijk Logistics each invested in growing the LHV particularly for air shipment. Each events have prioritized making the logistics chain extra sustainable. Taking the LHV into operation, subsequently, marks an important milestone. The structural deployment of an LHV method fewer journeys and subsequently diminished CO₂ emissions. What is extra, the LHV will likely be powered by means of a unique gasoline.

This new gasoline, HVO (often referred to as “blue diesel”), can scale back CO₂ emissions by means of up to 89%. At the moment, the mix of an LHV powered by means of HVO is exclusive in transporting (air) shipment by means of street, and, within the quick time period, it represents the most productive viable resolution for extra sustainable delivery. AFKLMP Shipment and Jan de Rijk will proceed to take tasks directed at attaining additional sustainability all through the logistics chain. Examples right here come with the advance of electrical truck combos and using hydrogen as a sustainable gasoline.

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