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Amazon Flowers artificial review free delivery international by post. Product Features Flowers are shipped in bud form for optimal vase life; blooms will open Flowers Carolyne Roehm on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. It has been more than a decade since Carolyne Roehm first shared her love.

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It has been quite a decade since Carolyne Roehm first shared her love of gardening and flower arranging. Now, for the primary time ever, she turns her own photographic lens thereto passion with Flowers, showcasing quite 300 images of the varieties in her abundant gardens, all captured at their most vibrant and exquisite moments throughout the season.

With a gardener’s intimate understanding and a designer’s elegant eye, Roehm shows us the flowers she has cultivated for many years in and around Weatherstone, her historic Connecticut home. While alternating dramatic close-ups with portraits of lovely arrangements and sweeping views of her land, Roehm writes with wit, emotion, and affection of what flowers have meant to her, also as of the thrill and travails of the committed gardener’s life.

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What began as an off-the-cuff hobby ultimately became a multi-year endeavor, as Roehm used her camera to explore the special relationship a gardener enjoys together with her carefully nurtured beauties. the result may be a remarkably personal visual essay: sumptuous, surprising, and as revealing of the sensibility behind the camera because of the magnificent species that stand before it.

This beautiful objet d’art—a garden during a book—is Carolyne Roehm’s most vital and singular volume yet.

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Books about flowers and gardens by Carolyne Roehm – Buy on Amazon

About the Author Carolyne Roehm

Carolyne Roehm, noted author and lifestyle contributor to morning America, brings her gardening expertise to viewers weekly because the host of Country Homes, Country Gardens.

In 1991, Roehm, who had always taken great pleasure in indulging and surrounding herself with things she loved, decided to show her personal passion for beauty and luxury into a satisfying career. A longtime associate (and neighbor) of the famed couturier, Oscar de la Renta, Roehm began her own apparel industry, setting her designs aside from many others within the industry together with her unflagging insistence on only the best quality materials. Her designs quickly found a home with discriminating consumers, as her first year alone saw revenues exceeding $3 million. But Roehm’s passion for beauty extended beyond the planet of fashion, and she or he became determined to broaden her horizons accordingly.

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Following a stint at the famed Paris flower shop, Moulie Savart, Roehm took the knowledge she gained there and put it into practical use for the everyday gardener. Resulting from her considerable experience, she takes great joy in revealing the various secrets she learned to assist everyone achieves a bountiful and delightful garden.

In 1997, Roehm published her first book, A Passion for Flowers (September 1997, HarperCollins Publishers) during which she detailed the experts’ tricks to perfect gardening. A firm believer in luxury for everybody, Roehm feels that luxury doesn’t necessarily mean expensive. Her breathtaking floral arrangements, for instance, traditionally contain many common flowers like carnations, marigolds, bleeding hearts, and Queen Anne’s lace, which she collects from her own garden at her Connecticut home.

Roehm applies the style lessons she learned to her flowers. The familiar cry of “accessorize” is as important to arranging blooms because it is to one’s own appearance. “I can’t tell you ways often I’ve seen a dress ruined with the incorrect accessories,” Roehm explains. “It’s an equivalent with flowers. Even the foremost beautiful flowers don’t work if they’re within the wrong vase or placed against the incorrect background.”

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