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The seize potency of six coloured sticky traps (blue, inexperienced, orange, crimson, white, and yellow) used to be examined in mango agroecosystems of Mexico with the aim of (i) documenting the variety of Thysanoptera; (ii) figuring out the enchantment of phytophagous thrips; (iii) assess the affect of those traps on advisable bugs; and (iv) assess the connection between the density of Frankliniella thrips captured on traps and the ones discovered within the inflorescences. The usage of coloured sticky traps has printed an ideal variety of thrips and advisable bugs within the mango agroecosystem.

A complete of 16,441 thrips had been stuck on sticky traps all through the sampling duration, of which 16,251 (98.8%) had been thrips adults and 190 (1.2%) larvae. 40-one species of thrips had been accrued both from sticky traps or from inflorescences. Of those, 32 species feed both on leaves or plants. Frankliniella cephalica, F. gardeniae, and F. invasor, had been essentially the most plentiful species. Scirtothrips citri and S. manihoti had been additionally captured amongst different phytophagous thrips. The white lure captured tremendously extra Frankli-niella species and in addition had the smallest seize of advisable bugs. Yellow traps had been essentially the most horny for Scirtothrips species, with low adverse results on insect pollinators, even though that they had a prime affect on herbal enemies. Thrips species captured on sticky traps confirmed a low and non-significantly correlation with recognize to the density of thrips in mango inflorescences.

Despite the fact that sticky traps didn’t are expecting the density of Frankliniella populations in mango inflorescences, the find out about represents considerable development in the usage of colour traps in mango agroecosystems. Coloured sticky traps could be a just right choice for tracking mango thrips to discover them at previous levels of infestation to put into effect control ways and steer clear of the building-up of thrips populations.

Learn all the analysis at www.researchgate.web.

Mbula, Lucia & Infante, Francisco & Cavalleri, Adriano & Mez, Jaime & Giron, Antonio & Fanson, Benjamin & Identity, Francisco. (2022). Coloured sticky traps for tracking phytophagous thrips (Thysanoptera) in mango agroecosystems and their affect on advisable bugs. PLoS ONE. 17(11): e0276865. 1-20. 10.1371/magazine.pone.0276865. 

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