Flower Images – How to Personalise Your Wallpaper in Windows 7

Flower Images. Choosing your own desktop wallpaper is a great way to personalise your computer and set your mood for the day. The first thing you see when you switch on your computer is the background picture or wallpaper, set as a default by the computer. But what if you could choose your own images to reflect your moods? What if you could have your own selection of inspiring flower images to bring some calm energy to your day?

Flower Images – How to Personalise Your Wallpaper in Windows 7
Flower Images – How to Personalise Your Wallpaper in Windows 7 (Info Wallpaper)

Well you can. Flower images or cloudscapes, family portraits or landscapes, you can use any photos you like, even a series of them in rotation, and of course it’s easy when you know how!
So here are a set of step by step instructions to follow, once you’ve selected the flower images that you want to use.

Flower Images Wallpaper in Windows 7
Flower Images Wallpaper in Windows 7
  • 1. Create a new folder in MyPictures or in any other picture library on your computer. Label it with an easy to recognise name, like Wallpaper, for example! Save all the photos that you want to use as wallpaper into this folder. You can always add to it later, so it’s fine to start off with just one gorgeous flower image.
  • 2. Click on the start button. Go up to Getting Started and then across to click on Personalise Windows. In the new window click on Desktop background.
    Alternatively, type desktop background into the search box and click Change Desktop Background.
  • 3. Click the Browse button next to the Picture Location bar, and find your new Wallpaper folder from your computer files.
  • 4. The photos in the folder will appear below. Check each one that you want to be part of your wallpaper slide show. If all are selected, any new ones that you add to the folder will automatically become part of the rotation of images.
  • 5. In the Picture Position box you can choose how the image will appear: cropped to fill the screen, stretched to fit, tiled or centred on the screen. You can also change the amount of time each picture in the slide show is displayed.
  • 6. Save Changes and enjoy your new flower images as wallpaper!
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Flower Images - Personalise Your Wallpaper in Windows 7
Flower Images – Personalise Your Wallpaper in Windows 7

If your own flower images don’t yet convey that mood of tranquility and inspiration that you’re after, why not browse through some flower picture libraries online to find the perfect images to suit your mood. You’ll find plenty of sites offering free wallpaper images, but if you want to be more creative and find something a little different, look for photo galleries that specialise in professional flower photography. They offer wide selections of quality pictures as inexpensive downloads, which might just be what you’re looking for to make your computer an energy-filled and creative space.

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