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Flower cultivators in Dharmapuri are involved because of the low costs of plant life on account of the northeast monsoon, which has led to a loss of call for and deficient shelf lifetime of the plant life. In keeping with information from the Dharmapuri management, plant life are cultivated on over 7,660 acres house and amongst them, Magnolia is cultivated at a space of two,600 acres, whilst Chrysanthemum is cultivated on 1,478 acres house, roses on over 700 acres, and jasmine is cultivated on over 1,100 acres. 

P. Sivakumar, a flower cultivator from Dharmapuri, stated, “It’s at all times distressing for flower cultivators all over the monsoon season as few occasions are held all over this season because of which there’s a discount in call for. However, this 12 months, the call for is low than standard, and therefore the losses are immense. Many of the plant life have been broken via the rains, and the others have been wasted because of their low shelf lives. Costs also are very deficient as a result of there aren’t any exports this season to Salem, Coimbatore, Hosur, or different markets.”

Y. Sankar, a personal supplier, stated, “With the exception of jasmine, which is offered at Rs 300 consistent with kg, the costs of all different plant life are in decline, with Magnolia and Chrysanthemums being offered at Rs 30-35 consistent with kg and rose being offered at Rs 60-70 consistent with kg. The costs of plant life have been nearly 4 instances the present costs in September. Because of the rains, there was surplus manufacturing however only a few consumers. This example would alternate as soon as the rains cut back, and we predict the costs to stabilize via early December.”

Horticulture division officers stated, “Those are not unusual marketplace fluctuations, and the location would alternate. Flower markets in Dharmapuri are most commonly non-public; therefore, we can’t touch upon their affairs.”

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