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Coming Sunday Sweden will have a good time Father’s Day there, and to commemorate all the ones fathers international who can’t be there as a result of warfare and violence, on-line bouquet vendor Interflora Sweden has adorned the statue Non-Violence, sometimes called The Knotted Gun (wiki) with plant life. Such is finished in 3 other towns. Swedish florists Sara-Lisa Ludvigsson and Heidi Mikkonen took fee of the statue in Gothenberg, whilst the opposite two statues may also be present in Stockholm and Malmö.

Sara-Lisa Ludvigsson and Heidi Mikkonen

The motion is supported via Dutch growers Van Wordragen Flora, Arcadia Chrysanten and Zentoo Chrysanthemum. Warja Abrosimova, floral skilled based totally within the Netherlands, conncect the events concerned.

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