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In Europe, many greenhouse growers have stopped wintry weather manufacturing on account of excessive fuel costs. “No one goes to place further fuel to warmth up tomatoes or peppers, with the intention to say, since the EU wishes to offer heating to personal voters first,” says Fatih Kördemirci from Kurt Crew of Firms. That is among the the reason why tomato export from Türkiye to Europe goes up. “Right here in Türkiye, we warmth greenhouses with geothermal water, which is far less expensive than fuel,” he remarks. “No manufacturer in Türkiye is the use of fuel. Some are the use of coal, however many of the manufacturers in our area, the Aegean area, are the use of geothermal water.”

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Being a lot less expensive than fuel, it is going with out announcing that the goods popping out of Türkiye’s greenhouses will likely be similarly less expensive available on the market. “This offers us extra merit as we will be extremely aggressive with our costs.” On the identical time, geothermal power isn’t the one factor this is benefitting Turkish growers. “No one in Türkiye is the use of synthetic lighting,” Fatih issues out. “We get quite a lot of daylight right here. You probably have heating and sufficient gentle, that is all you wish to have to make a just right product. That each one is what makes Türkiye a just right not obligatory nation to ship extra merchandise to the EU marketplace.”

Complying with EU requirements for export
The Kurt Crew of Firms has been lively in horticulture because the 80s and has several types of cultivation. “We now have numerous lemon fields within the south of Türkiye. In 2008, we constructed a 5ha greenhouse the place we develop vine tomatoes. In 2011, we constructed a 1.2-ha plant propagation. In 2015, we constructed a manufacturing facility the place we dry vegatables and fruits.”

For the reason that tomatoes are intended for the export marketplace, learn EU, Fatih and the Kurt Crew need to conform to other requirements. “The EU does not settle for produce with a undeniable degree of residue. There are numerous chemical merchandise that Turkish growers typically use however would make it unimaginable for them to export to the EU.” It may be relatively tricky to keep an eye on that whilst protecting all types of pests and pathogens clear of the cultivation. “We need to care for ache issues within the greenhouse, similar to controlling the local weather and preventing pests and illnesses. We now have agronomists who’re continuously scouting the greenhouse. On the identical time, our staff were within the horti trade for ten years, and feature numerous expertise. So, in the event that they see one thing they don’t seem to be certain of, they’re all the time notifying the agronomists, who search for an answer if it is important.”

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On the identical time, Fatih takes extra direct motion to keep an eye on pathogens. “We’re the use of some chemical merchandise which can be consistent with EU rules. We had an enormous fight with tuta absoluta till we discovered the easiest answer, which is if truth be told now not chemical in any respect. We discovered this product from a Eastern corporate, Sumi Agro. It is a pheromone that principally prevents the tuta absoluta from discovering buddies.” Whilst organic answers may also be efficient, for some issues, Fatih has to spray the vegetation. “However we’re all the time having a look at what the EU lets in or does not permit,” he issues out. “The authorised residue degree is all the time documented. If you happen to take a look at that, a grower would understand how many days after spraying they have got to attend prior to the residue ranges are low.”

Whilst Fatih and the Kurt Crew can reach the standard for export to the EU, he says that now not all Turkish growers can do this. “With our high-tech greenhouse, it is more straightforward to provide tomatoes without a residue. However in Antalya, growers are generating in arduous climate instances, so they try numerous pests and can not do the rest however spray the vegetation. No longer each grower right here is aware of that the EU lets in spraying the vegetation. It is simply that there is a common lack of know-how in the case of which merchandise they are able to use and what number of days they have got to attend after spraying.”

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Cultivating and drying 
As Fatih has identified, the corporate grows its produce in a high-tech greenhouse. “We develop in coco peat, with a greenhouse that stands 5.5 meters tall. That is very useful for cultivation, as you’ll be able to higher set up the local weather. We now have an automatic irrigation gadget that gives tomatoes with the precise quantity of water, vitamins, and the like they want. For example, shall we even ‘divide’ the greenhouse into 4 or 6 items and supply every of the ones with a custom designed irrigation agenda. We now have additionally an automatic delivery line – you will not see anyone right here pushing carts to move from level A to indicate B. We actually have a heating display screen, as a result of within the wintry weather it will get relatively chilly right here. However we additionally use it right through the summer season to offer some color to the vegetation. It will possibly additionally snow relatively closely right through wintry weather, so we put a most sensible heating line for the roof of the greenhouse to soften any snow that might gather there. In any case, if you’ll be able to’t eliminate that, the greenhouse would cave in.”

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The Kurt Crew may be lively within the drying phase of the trade, with a 4,000 sqm drying facility and any other upcoming one in every of 6-7,000 sqm. “There was an enormous call for for dried produce,” Fatih explains. “We procedure each roughly vegetable and fruit, coming from many alternative growers.” As merchandise stored coming in from growers, the Kurt Crew needed to extend its capability. “We now have numerous plans. Subsequent to the drying, we can stay that specialize in greenhouses, much more than now. Now, we have now 5 ha, however our purpose within the subsequent 3 years is to make 5ha extra. And within the subsequent 5 years, we can attempt to extend to fifteen ha. That is going to be numerous tomatoes!”

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