Hibiscus Flower

White Hisbiscul Flower

Hibiscus flowers. is a kind of flowering plants belonging to the Malvaceae family, the mauve. The genus is quite large and includes several hundred species native to warm temperate, subtropical and tropical regions around the world. The member species are known for their large, showy flowers and their species known simply as “hibiscus” or called purple pink. Other names include rustic hibiscus, sharon pink and tropical hibiscus.

The genus includes annual and perennial herbaceous plants, as well as woody shrubs and small trees.

Yellow-Hibiscus Flower
Yellow-Hibiscus Flower

The generic name is derived from the Greek name ‘hibiskos’ (hibiskos) that Pedanius Dioscorides gave to Althaea officinalis (about 40 to 90 AD).

Several species are widely cultivated as ornamental plants, including Hibiscus syriacus and Hibiscus rosa-sinensis. Flowers have many names all over the world and are served hot and cold. The drink is known for its red colour, taste, aroma and vitamin C content.

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Description Hibiscus Flowers

The leaves are alternate, haloed, often with a toothed or lobed margin. The flowers are large, clearly visible, trumpet-shaped, with five or more petals, white to pink, red, orange, peach, yellow or violet and 4 to 18 cm wide. The colour of flowers in some species, such as H. mutabilis and H. tiliaceus, changes with age.



Hibiscus with Copy Space
Hibiscus with Copy Space

The fruit is a dry capsule of five lobes, containing several seeds in each lobe, which are released when the capsule tears (splits in two) at maturity. It is red and white in color. It’s an example of complete flowers.

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Species of Hibiscus Flowers

In temperate areas, the most cultivated ornamental species is probably Hibiscus syriacus, the common garden hibiscus, also known in some areas as the “Rose of Althea” or “Sharon’s Rose” (not to be confused with calycinum hypericum, which is not related). also known as “Sharon’s Rose”). In tropical and subtropical regions, chinese hibiscus (H. rosa-sinensis), with its many remarkable hybrids, is the most popular hibiscus.

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Several hundred species of Hibiscus flowers are known, including:

  •     Hibiscus abelmoschus L. synonym of Abelmoschus moschatus Medik.
  •     Hibiscus abelmoschus var. betulifolius Mast. synonym of Abelmoschus moschatus Medik
  •     Hibiscus abelmoschus var. genuinus Hochr. synonym of Abelmoschus moschatus Medik.
  •     Hibiscus laevis abutiloides Willd. synonym of Talipariti tiliaceum var. pernambucense (Arruda) Fryxell
  •     Hibiscus abyssinicus Steud.
  •     Hibiscus acapulcensis Fryxell
  •     Hibiscus acerifolius Salisb.
  •     Hibiscus acerifolius DC.
  •     Hibiscus acetosaefolius DC.
  •     Hibiscus acetosella Welw. ex Hiern. false roselle
  •     Hibiscus acicularis
  •     Hibiscus aculeatus—comfortroot
  •     Hibiscus altissimus
  •     Hibiscus andongensis
  •     Hibiscus angolensis
  •     Hibiscus aponeurus
  •     Hibiscus archeri—Archer’s hibiscus
  •     Hibiscus aridicola
  •     Hibiscus arnottianus A.Gray—kokiʻo ʻula (Hawaii)
  •     Hibiscus asper—bush roselle
  •     Hibiscus austroyunnanensis
  •     Hibiscus barbosae
  •     Hibiscus benguellensis
  •     Hibiscus berberidifolius
  •     Hibiscus bernieri
  •     Hibiscus bifurcatus—fork-bracted rosemallow
  •     Hibiscus biseptus—Arizona rosemallow
  •     Hibiscus bojerianus
  •     Hibiscus boryanus—foulsapate marron
  •     Hibiscus brackenridgei A.Gray—Hawaiian hibiscus maʻo hau hele
  •     Hibiscus burtt-davyi
  •     Hibiscus caerulescens
  •     Hibiscus caesius—dark-eyed hibiscus (South Africa)
  •     Hibiscus calyphyllus—lemonyellow rosemallow (tropical Africa)
  •     Hibiscus cameronii—Cameron’s hibiscus, pink hibiscus
  •     Hibiscus cannabinus L.—Kenaf
  •     Hibiscus castroi
  •     Hibiscus cisplatinus—rosa del rio
  •     Hibiscus citrinus
  •     Hibiscus clayi O.Deg. & I.Deg.—Hawaiian red hibiscus (Hawaii)
  •     Hibiscus clypeatus—Congo mahoe
  •     Hibiscus coccineus (Medik.) Walter—scarlet rosemallow
  •     Hibiscus colimensis
  •     Hibiscus columnaris—mahot rempart
  •     Hibiscus comoensis
  •     Hibiscus congestiflorus
  •     Hibiscus costatus
  •     Hibiscus coulteri—desert rosemallow
  •     Hibiscus cuanzensis
  •     Hibiscus dasycalyx—Neches River rosemallow
  •     Hibiscus denudatus Benth.—pale face (Southwestern United States, Northwestern Mexico)
  •     Hibiscus dimidiatus
  •     Hibiscus dioscorides A.G.Mill. [es; pt] (Yemen)
  •     Hibiscus diplocrater
  •     Hibiscus diriffan A.G.Mill. (Yemen)
  •     Hibiscus diversifolius—swamp hibiscus
  •     Hibiscus dongolensis
  •     Hibiscus donianus
  •     Hibiscus elatus—mahoe
  •     Hibiscus elegans
  •     Hibiscus engleri—wild hibiscus
  •     Hibiscus escobariae
  •     Hibiscus excellii
  •     Hibiscus ferrugineus
  •     Hibiscus ficalhoanus
  •     Hibiscus flavoroseus
  •     Hibiscus fragilis DC.—mandrinette (Mascarene Islands)
  •     Hibiscus fragrans
  •     Hibiscus fritzscheae
  •     Hibiscus fugosioides
  •     Hibiscus furcellatus Desr.—lindenleaf rosemallow (Caribbean, Florida, Central America, South America, Hawaii)
  •     Hibiscus fuscus
  •     Hibiscus genevii Bojer (Mauritius)
  •     Hibiscus gilletii
  •     Hibiscus gossweileri
  •     Hibiscus grandidieri
  •     Hibiscus grandiflorus Michx.—swamp rosemallow (Southeastern United States)
  •     Hibiscus grandistipulatus
  •     Hibiscus grewiifolius
  •     Hibiscus hamabo
  •     Hibiscus hastatus
  •     Hibiscus heterophyllus—native rosella
  •     Hibiscus hirtus—lesser mallow
  •     Hibiscus hispidissimus
  •     Hibiscus huellensis
  •     Hibiscus hybridus
  •     Hibiscus indicus
  •     Hibiscus insularis Endl.—Phillip Island hibiscus (Phillip Island)
  •     Hibiscus integrifolius
  •     Hibiscus jaliscensis
  •     Hibiscus kochii
  •     Hibiscus kokio—red rosemallow
  •     Hibiscus labordei
  •     Hibiscus laevis All. (=H. militaris)—halberd-leaved rosemallow (central and eastern North America)
  •     Hibiscus lasiocarpos—woolly rosemallow
  •     Hibiscus lasiococcus
  •     Hibiscus lavaterioides
  •     Hibiscus laxiflorus
  •     Hibiscus leptocladus [Northwest Australia]
  •     Hibiscus leviseminus
  •     Hibiscus lilacinus—lilac hibiscus
  •     Hibiscus liliiflorus—Rodrigues tree hibiscus
  •     Hibiscus longifolius
  •     Hibiscus longisepalus
  •     Hibiscus ludwigii
  •     Hibiscus lunariifolius
  •     Hibiscus macrogonus
  •     Hibiscus macrophyllus—largeleaf rosemallow
  •     Hibiscus macropodus
  •     Hibiscus makinoi—Okinawan hibiscus
  •     Hibiscus malacophyllus Balf.f. (Yemen)
  •     Hibiscus malacospermus
  •     Hibiscus martianus—heartleaf rosemallow
  •     Hibiscus moscheutos L.—crimsoneyed rosemallow (Central and Eastern North America)
  •     Hibiscus mutabilis L.—cotton rosemallow, Confederate rose (East Asia)
  •     Hibiscus paramutabilis
  •     Hibiscus pedunculatus
  •     Hibiscus pernambucensis—seaside mahoe
  •     Hibiscus phoeniceus—Brazilian rosemallow
  •     Hibiscus platanifolius
  •     Hibiscus quattenensis
  •     Hibiscus poeppigii—Poeppig’s rosemallow
  •     Hibiscus radiatus—monarch rosemallow
  •     Hibiscus rosa-sinensis L.—Chinese hibiscus (East Asia)
  •     Hibiscus sabdariffa L.—roselle, omutete, or sorrel
  •     Hibiscus schizopetalus—fringed rosemallow
  •     Hibiscus scottii
  •     Hibiscus socotranus
  •     Hibiscus sinosyriacus
  •     Hibiscus splendens
  •     Hibiscus stenanthus Balf.f. (Yemen)
  •     Hibiscus striatus—striped rosemallow
  •     Hibiscus sturtii Australia
  •     Hibiscus syriacus L. (type species)—rose of Sharon (Asia)
  •     Hibiscus taiwanensis S.Y. Hu[21][circular reference]
  •     Hibiscus tiliaceus L.—sea hibiscus (Australia, Southeast Asia, Oceania)
  •     Hibiscus trilobus—threelobe rosemallow
  •     Hibiscus trionum L.—flower-of-an-hour
  •     Hibiscus vitifolius—tropical rose mallow
  •     Hibiscus waimeae A.Heller—kokiʻo keʻokeʻo (Hawaii)
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  • Pink Hibiscus Flowers
    Pink Hibiscus Flowers


Formerly placed here

  •     Abelmoschus esculentus (L.) Moench (as H. esculentus L.)
  •     Abelmoschus ficulneus (L.) Wight & Arn. (as H. ficulneus L.)
  •     Abelmoschus manihot subsp. manihot (as H. manihot L.)
  •     Abelmoschus manihot var. pungens (Roxb.) Hochr. (as H. pungens Roxb.)
  •     Abelmoschus manihot var. tetraphyllus (Roxb. ex Hornem.) Borss. Waalk. (as H. tetraphyllus Roxb. ex Hornem.)
  •     Abelmoschus moschatus subsp. moschatus (as H. abelmoschus L.)
  •     Abelmoschus moschatus subsp. tuberosus (Span.) Borss. Waalk. (as H. sagittifolius Kurz)
  •     Alyogyne cuneiformis (DC.) Lewton (as H. cuneiformis DC.)
  •     Alyogyne hakeifolia (Giord.) Alef. (as H. hakeifolius Giord.)
  •     Alyogyne huegelii (Endl.) Fryxell (as H. wrayae Lindl.)
  •     Alyogyne pinoniana (Gaudich.) Fryxell (as H. pinonianus Gaudich.)
  •     Firmiana simplex (L.) W.Wight (as H. simplex L.)
  •     Lagunaria patersonia subsp. patersonia (as H. patersonius Andrews)
  •     Kosteletzkya adoensis (Hochst. ex A. Rich.) Mast. (as H. adoensis Hochst. ex A.Rich.)
  •     Kosteletzkya pentacarpos (L.) Ledeb. (as H. pentacarpos L.)
  •     Kosteletzkya tubiflora (DC.) Blanch. & McVaugh (as H. tubiflorus DC.)
  •     Kosteletzkya virginica (L.) C.Presl ex A.Gray (as H. virginicus L.)
  •     Pavonia arabica Hochst. & Steud. ex Boiss. (as H. flavus Forssk.)
  •     Pavonia spinifex (L.) Cav. (as H. spinifex L.)
  •     Radyera farragei (F.Muell.) Fryxell & S.H.Hashmi (as H. farragei F.Muell.)
  •     Thespesia lampas (Cav.) Dalzell (as H. lampas Cav.)
  •     Thespesia populnea (L.) Sol. ex Corrêa (as H. populneoides Roxb. or H. populneus L.)
Red Hibiscus Flower
Red Hibiscus Flower
White Hisbiscul Flower
White Hisbiscul Flower

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