How to Plant an Easy and Simple Bird of Paradise Flower

How to Plant an Easy and Simple Bird of Paradise Flower

Sounds like a bird farm, but what can a bird be planted? Impossible. Birds should be flown, not planted. What does it mean to grow bird of paradise? Bird of Paradise is not a bird and open a kind of bird.

How to Plant an Easy and Simple Bird of Paradise Flower
How to Plant an Easy and Simple Bird of Paradise Flower

Bird of Paradise is a kind of flower. This flower also has another name Strelitzia reginae. This flower comes from South Africa that can live in a climate of 10 to 23 degrees Celsius.

His unique name also illustrates how this flower is unique to a bird. This flower has a thick, hard leaf, and has a shape resembling the shape of a bird’s head, such as birds of Cendrawasih. This bird has the nickname Bird of Paradise.

Therefore, this flower is dubbed by the Flower Bird of paradise. After you read this article, it is not confused anymore not how the explanation and pictures about the flower bird of paradise.

Flower Bird of paradise is a flower that is able to live in the hot weather. The way to grow flower bird of paradise is very easy and simple, which is the same with the way of planting roses that are very easy to do.

In addition can be planted directly on the ground, this flower can also be planted in the pot. For you who live in an area with a cold weather climate, you can do the way to grow this bird of paradise flower in a pot, so that besides this flower feel warm, you can also enjoy its beauty at any time.

However, you should stay alert with some pests that will interfere with the growth of your beautiful ornamental flower. How to overcome pests and snail in plants can be done by removing the pest. And to do the treatment to avoid pests, will be explained in the next points. Here’s how to grow flower Bird of paradise:

  1. Preparing the seeds to be planted

Preparing Media or planting land
Preparing Media or planting land

In doing everything, the first time to be prepared is an object. There must be an object to work with. In preparing a first thing in planting that should prepare the seeds, seeds or seeds from plants to be planted. The first step to take is to look for seeds or seeds of flower bird of paradise. Make sure the seeds you buy have good quality. Similarly in the

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You can also directly buy the bird of paradise flowers that have grown up, if you can’t wait to see the flowers from this plant. Because if using seed, it will take approximately seven years for this plant to be flowering.

Good seeds can be seen from the texture. If it is still fresh it means that the seed still has good quality. Similarly, how to plant guava bol from seed and how to plant chili hydroponics with water media. All plants should have good quality seeds. So it gives good results anyway.

Once you get the seed, soak the seeds into the water. Water used ordinary water (not warm water, heat or ice). Soak the seeds for approximately 3 days. Do not forget to always change the marinating water for 3 days as one of the ways to grow the bird of paradise flowers.

  1. Preparing Media or planting land

Preparing the seeds to be planted (
Preparing the seeds to be planted (

After three days, prepare the land to plant the seeds. Because the seeds must be planted in a fresh state, this is one of the tips on how to grow the bird of paradise flowers to be aware of.

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If you decide to put outside the house, make sure the temperature temperatures around you are not too low and over 10-23 degrees Celsius. If the temperature around your house can exceed or even less than the temperature, you should use the pot to plant it. And put it in the house. To keep bird of paradise flowers alive.

Flower Bird of paradise will grow fertile if placed on damp and fertile soil. It is also similar to the way other crops are planted, e.g. how to plant red pepper in peat soil, which indicates that fertile soil affects crop growth. And do not forget to add compost fertilizer as a mixture of soil.

The land that has been determined for the planting site is excavated at a depth of approximately 35cm. Because this flower will grow larger if placed on the ground. The growth can reach a width of approximately 4.5 meters with a height of approximately 6 meters.

If you use pots as a growing medium, we recommend using clay pots. Which is then filled with clay soil that has a good nutrient content. So even though the land is still have fertility to be used as a planting medium. And the plant will not grow enlarged as if planted on the ground directly.

  1. Make sure the plants get enough sunlight

Make sure the plants get enough sunlight
Make sure the plants get enough sunlight

As mentioned in the previous points, the way to grow the bird of paradise flowers requires sunlight and a warm place to survive. Flowers planted outside the room is sure to get enough sun exposure, according to what the flower needs to grow. However, it is different if this flower is planted in pots.

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You have to put a pot near the house that gets a lot of sunlight. If possible, you can remove pots from inside the house so that the plants can get more sunlight. And put back into the house if cold weather starts to return.

  1. Do regular maintenance

Do regular maintenance
Do regular maintenance

How to take care of this ornamental plant does not require a lot of cost and energy. In doing treatment as one of the ways to grow this bird of paradise flower, you should pay attention to the following:

  • Perform watering once a fortnight. If in winter, you can reduce the intensity of watering.
  • If the plant is in a pot, make sure you routinely remove water that is flooded at the bottom of the pot.
  • Give fertilizer to the base of plants with intensity twice a week.
  • How to overcome lepidiota pests in plants can be done by taking and damaging them, because the use of pesticides can cause damage to crops. How to overcome plant pests with natural pesticides is also advised not to be done.
  • Can divide into a few against the Flower bird of paradise that has grown large, in addition to making it more beautiful, so that the pot used can suit the large crops.
  • At the time of distribution of plants, must be very careful not to damage the root structure.

You might have enough of some ways to plant this bird of paradise flower. Hopefully can help and give motivation for those of you who want to try to have and take care of this type of flowers. Good luck.