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A learn about performed in an experimental unit of the Department of Floriculture and Landscaping Structure, Sher-e-Kashmir College of Agricultural Sciences and Era of Kashmir, Srinagar, below polyhouse stipulations throughout 2020-2021 published top whitefly prevalence on gerbera throughout twenty eighth SMW (3.55 whiteflies/leaf and 16.5 whiteflies/flower) at a median most temperature of 37.7°C, whilst the leaf miner prevalence peaked in twenty second and twenty third SMW (0.3 grubs/pupae/leaf) at a median most temperature of 28.2°C and 32.6°C, respectively.

Correlation research published whitefly and leaf miner populations to be extremely considerably and definitely correlated with temperature whilst negatively correlated with R.H. Whilst checking out the efficacy of quite a lot of remedies in opposition to whitefly and leaf-miner, acetamiprid 20% SP @ 0.5 g/L used to be discovered to be probably the greatest remedy in opposition to each pests.

Learn the entire analysis at www.researchgate.internet.

Zehra, Ifrahim & Manzar, Abu & Ahmad, M. & Nazki, Imtiyaz & Nazir, Nageena & Khan, Dr. (2022). Interrelationship between abiotic elements and prevalence of Bemisia tabaci and Chromatomyia horticola on gerbera and their control below polyhouse in Kashmir. 17. 315-321. 

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