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The mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, Tunç Soyer, attended the outlet of the Ödemiş Decorative Crops and Nursery Exhibition. President Soyer mentioned, “There’s a want for an agricultural making plans establishment. Because the Metropolitan, we offer protection to our manufacturers. There’s a approach to the entire issues skilled in those fertile lands,” he mentioned.

In his opening speech, the President referred to the 2nd Century Economics Congress to be arranged via the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality. Tunç Soyer gave details about the industrial imaginative and prescient that the Nice Chief Mustafa Kemal Atatürk and his partners dropped at lifestyles 100 years in the past after the Struggle of Independence. Mentioning that the farmers, staff, investors, and industrialists got here in combination in İzmir to decide the industrial insurance policies of the brand new state, Metropolitan Mayor Soyer reminded that within the following years, they changed into depending on imports because of improper agricultural insurance policies.

Underlining that they’re combating each the local weather disaster and poverty via announcing, “Any other Agriculture is Conceivable,” President Soyer famous that there’s a want for an agricultural making plans group and coverage within the nation. President Soyer reminded that they offer protection to the small manufacturer, carry the manufacturer in combination below the roof of cooperatives and unions, assuring the manufacturing, and giving the manufacturer a purchase order and sale ensure.

Decorative vegetation of Ödemiş may even happen in Flowera. President Soyer mentioned that they’re going to hang the Flowera İzmir Decorative Crops, Panorama and Minimize Flower Truthful, which they are going to prepare in 2023, at the similar date because the Ödemiş Decorative Crops Exhibition. Soyer mentioned, “We would like Ödemiş’s decorative vegetation to satisfy extra visitors from in all places the sector. The suitable to host the sector’s Botanical EXPO in 2026 as İzmir kazansteep. We’re already making extensive arrangements,” he mentioned.

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