Picking and Planting Canna Lily Bulbs

Canna Lily bulbs, also known as Canna bulbs, are natives of South America. At one time, the flower was prized for its beauty and the bulbs were eaten as they were a good source of starch. They have large, colorful, showy flowers that grow to a great height. Due to the sheer beauty of these flowers, the plant did not need much time to make its way to the rest of the world.

Picking and Planting Canna Lily Bulbs (YouTube)
Picking and Planting Canna Lily Bulbs (YouTube)

Fortunately, like Crocus, these plants are also grown from bulbs. Therefore, many gardeners who want to enjoy the beauty of these flowers simply order bulk crocus bulbs or bulk bulbs online.

How to pick Canna Lily bulbs:

How to pick Canna Lily bulbs (The Home Depot)
How to pick Canna Lily bulbs (The Home Depot)

The best thing is that these plants grow to great heights. When optimal conditions are provided, these plants grow to awesome proportions. These plants have beautiful looking leaves, making wonderful foliage. So, these plants are great when used as accent plants. When you pick these bulbs, the first thing to do is choose the right size. The bulbs come in three varieties – 3, 4 or 6 feet.
Generally, they are selected depending on their size. The bulbs store food for the plant. The plant depends on the bulb to store nutrients throughout the long period until the next year’s growth. Therefore, bigger bulbs mean more nutrients and better growth for the plant nestling within. Choose bulbs that are larger and fleshier. Thin bulbs are less expensive when compared to the large bulbs. These may grow and produce flowers, but the flowers are much smaller and the plants may last only for a single season.
Always show preference for bulbs that look fleshy and clean. Avoid bulbs that look too dry or contain spots or mold. Some sellers hold a bulb clearance sale. Avoid these because they are likely to be old, damaged bulbs.
Therefore, purchasing high quality bulbs makes all the difference to how your garden looks.

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How to buy Canna Lily bulbs:

How to buy Canna Lily bulbs (seedsnpots.com)
How to buy Canna Lily bulbs (seedsnpots.com)

Your order for the beautiful lilies must be placed in the fall or in the midwinter season. Only then can you plant these bulbs in spring. Of the available plants, those that are the most popular will sell off early. So, there are benefits to being the early bird.
Once you receive the Canna Lily bulbs, it is important to check the bulbs and separate the good ones from the damaged ones. Damaged ones must be kept away as these may not produce healthy plants. Worse, the rot may spread to other, healthy plants too.

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