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On account of the top prices and environmental affects of peat and chemical fertilizers, the seek for sustainable possible choices is expanding. Posidonia-based compost (C) has been extensively examined as a rising media, whilst the combo with decontaminated dredged sediments (S) has best just lately been studied. Additionally, little data is to be had at the courting between crops and rising media.

On this paintings, the suitability of rising media (CS) composed of 100% C, 70% C + 30% S, and 30% C + 70% S have been investigated in comparison to peat for decorative crops (Elaeagnus macrophylla, Photinia × fraseri and Viburnum tinus). Plant enlargement, physiological, dietary, and antioxidant responses have been additionally investigated. The CS have been compliant with present regulation on rising media. The Cu (+60%; +70%), Mg (+11%; +23%), and Ca (+66%; +72%) concentrations have been upper in CS, with 30% and 70% of S, respectively, than in peat.

The crops rising in CS had decrease antioxidant actions than the ones on peat, suggesting a greater plant tolerance to abiotic tension. In conclusion, using CS rising media, particularly the ones with 30% and 70% of S, is usually a precious method to exchange peat and scale back the appliance of fertilizers.

Learn the entire analysis at www.researchgate.web.

Vannucchi, Francesca & Macci, Cristina & Doni, Serena & Longo, Vincenzo & Ugolini, Francesca & Masciandaro, Grazia & Peruzzi, Eleonora. (2022). Posidonia-Based totally Compost and Dredged Sediment in Rising Media Reinforce Tolerance and Nutrient Uptake in Decorative Vegetation. Sustainability. 14. 14419. 10.3390/su142114419. 

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