Purple Rose Flower – The Variations Available and Their Significances

Purple Rose Flower – The Variations Available and Their Significances. Roses have been used since time immemorial to express love, affection and adoration for a person. There are various colors available in roses and each color has its own significance. Apart from the conventional colors of red and pink there are many other colors like purple, orange, black, and yellow, while are popular. Of late, there has been an increasing popularity of the purple rose flower.

Purple Rose Flower (amazon.com)
Purple Rose Flower (amazon.com)

Dark shades of purple are being considered for gifting to the loved ones. A purple flower can also be used for decorating the rooms of the house, though in that scenario it needs to be used in bunches. During wedding occasions, these flowers are used for decorative purposes. These flowers can also be creatively mixed with other shades of roses and presented as a bouquet on parties. Many rose aficionados grow purple-colored flowers in conjunction with other light-colored roses. This combination of various flowers increases the beauty of any garden tremendously.

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Any kind of purple rose flower can be categorized into three different groups on the basis of their shades. Those categories are purple, mauve, and lavender. Among these three categories, lavender rose flowers have the lightest shade. There is a predominance of blue more than red in these flowers. These flowers can also emerge as pinkish in photographs. In mauve roses the color of red supersedes the color of blue. Ultimately, the true purple flowers have the perfect blend of blue and red. Denoting elegance and romance, a purple flower rose is able to make its inimitable presence in an entire bouquet of flowers.

These flowers are not very abundant in nature though.

Spring Hill Nurseries Purple Rose (The Home Depot)
Spring Hill Nurseries Purple Rose (The Home Depot)

Apart from colors, there are variations in shapes and fragrances of these flowers too. The characteristics of the rose flowers also depend a lot on the nature of the soil and the kind of fertilizers used. A purple rose flower can also be a hedge, or a miniature, or a grandiflora rose. The introduction of purple roses took place in the 19th century due to cross-breeding of Chinese roses with their European counterparts. Some examples of popular true purple flowers are Burgundy Iceberg, Ebb Tide, Night Owl, and Midnight Blue. You can give the purple flower to another person if you fall in love with him / her at the first instance. Hence, to express attraction and fascination, your best bet would be a purple rose.

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However, some people consider that if the shade of the rose purple is light, then the attraction can be only an infatuation. To express intimate and intense love you must present the dark purple rose. Purple-colored flowers can also denote majesty, opulence, royalty and wonder. The Floribunda rose flowers have a tendency to be shrubby with an abundance of blossoms on every branch. The roses might also grow in bunches. These rose plants have been derived after cross-breeding two categories of roses. Enchanted Evening, Burgundy Iceberg, and Cotillion are all examples of purple floribunda flowers. Another variation of purple roses is Grandifloras, which are quite similar to floribundas in shape but are usually larger.

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