Real Flowers Vs Permanent Botanicals

Real Flowers Vs Permanent Botanicals – The Great Debate. Here’s another one of those party-planning decisions that comes down to personal preference; although, when it comes to deciding on real flowers or today’s remarkably lifelike, permanent botanicals, you really should give both a look before you etch your choice in stone. There’s a lot to be said for both options.

Real Flowers Vs Permanent Botanicals (Botanicals Design Studio)
Real Flowers Vs Permanent Botanicals (Botanicals Design Studio)

Most of us love the idea of fresh flowers because of the romance and beauty that surrounds them. And real has to be better than fake, right? Sometimes the notion of artificial flowers has a negative connotation, probably due to our growing up around Granny’s living room and dining room filled with fake-flower centerpieces that were dusty and had seen their share of decades stroll by.
Well, that was then and this is now-with manufacturing technology that has almost closed the quality gap between fresh and permanent florals. You really have to give some thought to your choice, because these days, neither one has a clear advantage.

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Let’s look at the pros for fresh flowers first, since they preceded permanent botanicals by thousands of years:

Real Flowers Beautiful Red Rose (
Real Flowers Beautiful Red Rose (
  • The Case for Fresh Flowers
  • Fresh flowers smell wonderful
  • They come in an extensive variety of colors and styles
  • Fresh flowers have an exquisite detailing missing from silk
  • They’re more traditional than silk
  • You’ll have more options in choosing vendors
  • They are soft to the touch
  • They create a more luxurious feeling than silk
  • They are available at a variety of price points, depending upon the season
  • They look fabulous in photographs, even close up
  • They can be freeze-dried

Now let’s see what today’s artificial flowers have to offer. You should take the time to visit a florist who deals in both types, so you can get a first-hand look at the quality of high-end silk/artificial flowers:

  • The Case for Permanent Botanicals
  • Permanent botanicals are typically less expensive than fresh flowers
  • They won’t wilt or die in adverse conditions (extreme heat, cold, wind)
  • Permanent botanicals don’t need water and require little maintenance
  • With no pollen, they’re allergy free
  • Bees and other insects aren’t attracted to them
  • Permanent botanicals are always in season
  • Petals don’t fall off
  • Like memories, they last a long time
  • If you give your centerpieces away to guests, they won’t wind up with just a vase or bowl
  • They look real in photographs
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Permanent Botanicals - A Blooming Business (The Dollar Business)
Permanent Botanicals – A Blooming Business (The Dollar Business)

Permanent botanicals are beautiful and lifelike, and they can even be scented to smell like the real thing
Sometimes it may depend on your venue and the weather. If you’re holding your event outdoors, and you have your heart set on a particular flower that doesn’t withstand heat well or isn’t in season, you might want to go with the permanent botanicals. On the other hand, a garden party is the perfect place for fresh flowers, as long as they can handle the heat-or cold. Clearly, the vast improvement in artificial-flower quality has given you something to think about when choosing flowers for any occasion.
By the way, there’s no rule that says you can’t mix fresh flowers with permanent botanicals. You can truly have the best of both worlds for any event!

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