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All-The usa Alternatives (AAS) has an extra six new AAS Winners to be had for the 2023 lawn season. Agents, growers and shops have a number of time so as to add those confirmed performers to their collection to assist customers who will probably be requesting them.

Breeder contacts are incorporated in every winner description under.

All AAS Winners are trialed during North The usa by way of skilled, impartial, volunteer judges who develop new, never-before-sold entries subsequent to comparisons which might be regarded as best-in-class. Handiest the ones entries that experience awesome lawn efficiency, higher than the comparisons, are granted the AAS award designation.

The latest AAS Winners for 2023 are:

The in the past introduced AAS Winners for 2023 are:

Coleus Top class Solar Coral Sweet
AAS Seed Annual Winner
Nationwide Winner


The primary seed coleus to win the coveted AAS Winner designation! Coral Sweet options distinctive, multicolored foliage on a uniformly compact plant. This new plant shape has slim, serrated leaves that gracefully drape down the mounded crops. AAS Judges famous that this selection holds its colour smartly, even if grown in complete solar. This selection used to be entered into and trialed within the container trial that means it’s absolute best for small house gardens. Past due within the season, it used to be seen that Coral Sweet held up effectively within the fall and had virtually no vegetation even overdue in season. Simply 3 seeds will produce sufficient substance to fill a 14-16” container.

Bred by way of PanAmerican Seed
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AAS Winner Information

  • Genus species: Solenostemon scutellariodes
  • Commonplace title: Coleus
  • Foliage colour: Multi-hued vivid foliage with slim serrated leaves
  • Plant top: 10-16 inches
  • Plant dependancy: Mounded
  • Plant kind: Annual
  • Lawn location: Solar or Color
  • Lawn spacing: 10 inches
  • Closest comparisons on marketplace: Top class Solar Chocolate Lined Cherry

Colocasia ROYAL HAWAIIAN Waikiki
AAS Non-Seed Annual Winner
Nationwide Winner


All-The usa Alternatives has any other first: A colocasia winner! Trialed within the non-seed container trial, this good looks wowed the judges with its strong, huge shiny leaves that unfurled with a daring leaf color that includes red veins and creamy white facilities. Waikiki is a part of the Royal Hawaiian collection and produces those hanging colours previous than different variegated leaf colocasia. The deep burgundy stems produce a lush, compact plant that holds up smartly even in wind and rain. What a strategy to convey a slightly of the tropics in your lawn, regardless of the place you’re positioned.

Bred by way of:  John J. Cho, Ph.D. Emeritus Plant Pathologist, College of Hawaii, Plant Breeder of the Royal Hawaiian Colocasia Assortment 
Authorized by way of:  Planthaven.com

AAS Winner Information

  • Genus species: Colocasia esculenta
  • Commonplace title: Taro or Elephant Ear
  • Foliage colour: Deep inexperienced, white and red, shiny
  • Plant top: 36 inches
  • Plant dependancy: Clump forming
  • Plant kind: Annual (hardy in zones 7b-11)
  • Lawn location: Complete solar, Partial Solar
  • Plant unfold: 30-36 inches
  • Closest comparisons on marketplace: Nancy’s Revenge

Pepper jalapeno San Joaquin F1
AAS Fit to be eaten Winner
Nationwide Winner


This new San Joaquin jalapeno pepper will make gardening such a lot more straightforward! It is a determinate jalapeno that units maximum of its fruit in a brief window so there’s a beneficiant (~50 end result consistent with plant) choice of end result able all on the similar time. Absolute best for canning, pickling and making roasted filled jalapenos for a crowd. However no worries if you happen to received’t want them for some time as they hang their firmness and style till you are prepared to reap. Judges cherished the flavour of the thick-walled end result that experience only a trace of warmth at 2500-6000 Scoville devices. Go away them at the vine longer for a gorgeous pink, and nonetheless scrumptious, jalapeno.

Bred by way of Bejo Seeds

AAS Winner Information

  • Genus species: Capsicum annuum
  • Commonplace title: Jalapeno Pepper
  • Fruit measurement: 4 inches
  • Fruit form: Conventional jalapeno form
  • Colour: Inexperienced to Crimson
  • Plant top: 30 inches
  • Plant unfold: 30 inches
  • Plant dependancy: Hairy
  • Lawn location: Complete solar
  • Lawn spacing: 24 inches
  • Duration of time to reap: 60 days from transplant
  • Closest comparisons on marketplace: Emerald Hearth and Early Flame

Snapdragon DoubleShot Orange Bicolor F1
AAS Seed Annual Winner
Nationwide Winner


Hit me together with your very best shot…of double vegetation! DoubleShot Snapdragon Orange Bicolor is a part of a brand new collection of intermediate top snaps absolute best for the lawn or as minimize vegetation. The lovely open-faced double vegetation emerge in stunning heat sunglasses of orange and orange-red that transition to a dusty color as they age. AAS Judges around the nation have been inspired with the robust stems that produced extra branches leading to a better flower rely. Those stems produced romantic vegetation all season lengthy (even in decrease gentle stipulations) that didn’t destroy off in robust winds. Trialed in each the in-ground and container trial, DoubleShot will probably be your new go-to snapdragon.

Bred by way of Hem Genetics

AAS Winner Information

  • Genus species: Antirrhinum majus
  • Commonplace title: Snapdragon
  • Flower colour: Orange bicolor
  • Foliage colour: Inexperienced
  • Flower measurement: 1-2 inches
  • Plant top: 18-20 inches
  • Plant dependancy: Upright
  • Plant kind: Annual
  • Lawn location: Solar or partial solar
  • Lawn spacing: 12-16 inches
  • Closest comparisons on marketplace: Liberty Vintage Bronze

Squash kabocha Candy Jade F1
AAS Fit to be eaten Winner
Nationwide Winner


This lovable, unmarried serving sized squash is the very best addition in your lawn for a fall harvest. Candy Jade proved itself within the AAS Trials with its excessive yields and excellent maintaining capacity which is excellent information for each house gardeners and growers. Each and every fruit is between 1-2 kilos and can be utilized for unmarried servings of squash, as an fit to be eaten soup bowl or in any choice of Asian-style dishes the place a candy, earthy nutritious squash is in most cases used. Candy Jade’s deep orange flesh is dry but candy and really flavorful whether or not roasted, baked or pureed. Time to provide this sweetie a check out.

Bred by way of Johnny’s Decided on Seeds

AAS Winner Information

  • Genus species: Cucurbita maxima
  • Commonplace title: Wintry weather squash
  • Fruit measurement: 4-5 inches
  • Fruit weight: 1-2 kilos
  • Fruit form: Flat-round
  • Colour: Jade Inexperienced
  • Plant unfold: 6-8 ft
  • Plant dependancy: Vining
  • Lawn location: Complete solar
  • Lawn spacing: 12 inches in rows, 6-12 ft between rows
  • Duration of time to reap: 100 days from sowing seed, 85 days from transplant
  • Closest comparisons on marketplace: Mini Inexperienced and Speckled Puppy

Tomato Zenzei F1
AAS Fit to be eaten Winner
Regional Winner – Nice Lakes and Heartland


Zenzei is an early-maturing, high-yielding Roma tomato for gardeners within the Midwest. This regional winner produces a really perfect yield of fleshy plum tomatoes that are ideal for canning and freezing. Neat and tidy crops produce end result which might be uniformly formed and are simple to reap on distinctive hairy but indeterminate crops. The disease-resistance package deal in this new selection will assist gardeners be much more a hit than earlier than. Each and every fruit has excellent interior flesh and less problems like spots and blossom finish rot. Plant in complete solar and supply stakes or a cage when plant reaches suitable measurement however there’s no wish to prune.

Bred by way of Bayer/Seminis Seeds

AAS Winner Information

  • Genus species: Solanum lycopersicum
  • Commonplace title: Tomato
  • Fruit measurement: 4-5 inches
  • Fruit weight: 3-8 oz.
  • Fruit form: Rectangular
  • Colour: Crimson
  • Plant top: 72 inches
  • Plant unfold: 24-36 inches
  • Plant dependancy: Hairy indeterminate
  • Lawn location: Complete solar
  • Lawn spacing: 36 inches
  • Duration of time to reap: 110 days from sowing seed, 70-80 days from transplant
  • Closest comparisons on marketplace: Plum Regal and Granadero

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