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The Right Plants For Your Flower Beds – How To Choose

The Right Plants For Your Flower Beds – How To Choose

Plants For Your Flower Beds. Each spring when the days become sunny and warm, our thoughts turn to our gardens. For avid gardeners the urge to buy plants can be overwhelming. We will often buy plants with absolutely no thought as to where we will plant them.

How to Prepare the Best Soil for Your Flower Beds (Masximum Yield)
How to Prepare the Best Soil for Your Flower Beds (Masximum Yield)

Buying plants without first planning the layout of our flower beds, results in very unorganized gardens and beds. When first planted everything may look perfect until the plants begin to grow. Plants toward the front begin to grow taller than those in the back of the bed, obscuring them from view. Some plants may begin to wilt and die from too much, or not enough sunlight. A number of undesirable effects can occur from not planning ahead.
Before buying your bedding plants, examine your flower beds with these things in mind…

  • How much sun or shade does the area receive each day?
  • Is the soil well drained or wet much of the time?
  • How much space do you have?
  • Is the flower bed against a building or out in the open?
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Plants For Your Flower Beds (House Beatiful)
Plants For Your Flower Beds (House Beatiful)

Once you have answered these basic questions you’ll be better equipped to choose the right plants. But wait. There are still a few decisions you’ll need to make concerning the layout and design of your flower beds.
Layering your flower beds provides the most beautifully striking presentation. With a little effort and research you can select the perfect plants.
For a beautifully layered bed, the tallest growing plants need to be in the back row. If you have an oval or round bed, plant the tallest in the center. Work your way to the front, row by row, each having plants 6″ or so shorter.
As far as plant selection, that will depend on your individual taste. The important thing is to make sure the plants in each row will grow to approximately the same height.
Another point to consider is whether you want plants prized for their foliage or their blooms. Maybe you want some of both in your flower bed. Having both can provide a fuller appearance to your flower beds, which can be very effective. Just try and choose plants that will compliment one another.

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How To Plant in Beds & Borders (lovethegarden)
How To Plant in Beds & Borders (lovethegarden)

For example, plant flowers with red blooms next to ones with yellow blooms. The combination of these colors is striking. On the other hand, plants with lavender blooms next to plants with blue blooms, do not appear nearly as striking.
Take a little extra time each year to plan your flower beds. When you focus on buying the right plants, and the best possible layout, you’ll be rewarded with a beautiful garden.

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