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When walking down the aisles of the Royal FloraHolland TradeFair ultimate week, you would not suspect that at the back of the scenes, many events have (main) considerations about expenses to be paid. The absentees didn’t stand out a few of the crowded exhibition flooring and the loads of growers (predominantly Dutch) who did attend. Additionally, world breeders and providers had been showing their services and products. All in all, the temper used to be upbeat and lively throughout the 3 exhibition days. 

Anyway, our colleagues at BPnieuws made any other excursion and created this picture document. 

Clockwise: Kees Waque of Desch, the crew of Danziger, Andre Elijzen of Brandkamp, and the crew of Floritec along with the Eastern Director of Inochio Seikoen Keohie Ishiguro.

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