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VB’s geothermal division used to be lately shrunk to design and understand set up works for the geothermal undertaking Maasdijk. This initiative between sustainable warmth cooperative Maasdijk and HVC has the purpose of stimulating and understanding sustainable geothermal warmth for greenhouses and horticultural firms within the area. 

Drilling operations began within the spring of 2022. A complete of six wells (3 doublets) are anticipated to be drilled. In doing so, the wells can be situated a number of meters subsequent to one another above flooring however a number of kilometers aside underground.

With a favorable drilling end result, greater than 80 greenhouse horticultural firms in Westland can be attached to sustainable geothermal warmth. This comes to about 5 hundred acres of greenhouses with greens, vegetation, and vegetation. This is related to the world of 333 football fields and is identical to the fuel intake to offer warmth for greater than fifty thousand families. Geothermal warmth is predicted to be to be had in the second one part of 2023.

How does it paintings? 
Geothermal warmth comes to pumping sizzling water from the bottom and the use of it to warmth properties, greenhouses, and constructions. Two wells are wanted for this, also referred to as a doublet. At one neatly, water is pumped up, the place a warmth exchanger extracts the warmth. During the different neatly, the go back water is going again into the bottom. The warmth is shipped during the native warmth grid to be used in properties, constructions, and greenhouses. After all, that is achieved safely.

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