Why Your Flower Shop Must Have a Web Presence

Why Your Flower Shop Must Have a Web Presence

Why Your Flower Shop Must Have a Web Presence. Web sites are not an option anymore. They are a necessity. Once you have your flower shop opened, you must have a web site as well. Below are a series of reasons why you must have a web site.

Why Your Flower Shop Must Have a Web Presence
Why Your Flower Shop Must Have a Web Presence (Floranext)
  • A� Having a web site helps to solidify your presence as a legitimate business. Today, if a business does not have a web site, then potential customers may view it as a substandard business or an insignificant business.
  • B� Consumers can shop you store online at their leisure for their convenience. Americans that shop and buy online are millions. Why not try and pull some of that business your way? You also have a worldwide audience with which to offer your services.
  • C� Provide informative articles and how to information. This information can create sales that may not have happened. An example would be design ideas and interior decorating suggestions, such as a customized wreath made by your store. Jog their mind. Put ideas into their head from which your store can benefit.
  • D� Let your customers shop your website and place their orders online during major holidays. It will be more convenient for them and there will be less chaos in your shop during the hectic occasions. Offer several holiday designs that you know you will be able to fill. Confirm the order they place by email. You are also building a customer base with which you can send promotions. Excellent way to build repeat business.
  • E� Having a web site allows your flower shop to stay competitive. Your competitors will most likely have a web site as well. This is not a case of keeping up with the Jones’. A web site is a necessary and indispensable business tool. One of FTD’s goals, a floral wire service, is to help florists build a website so they can be more lucrative, efficient, and professional.
  • F� You can give your shop a voice. This should be accomplished by text as well as high-quality photographs. Your web site should echo your shop image. You should have items online that are also in your store so they can be familiar with your products. Seeing items online and then walking into your shop and seeing the same items will strengthen your credibility.
  • G� Personalize you web site by allowing feedback from those whom have ordered from you. Be sure to include you response as well, as well as comments from others. This can be a super positive method to build you shop reputation.
  • H� A blog would be helpful as well. Let your customers know what your shop is doing on a day to day business. This will help build business as well as give your shop an up-close and personal feel.

Furthermore, you can place your business hours, email, delivery policies, or just about anything you want your customers to know as well as promoting your brick and mortar flower shop. Be creative and get personal. Let your likely patrons get to know you before they even step foot in your store!


Garden Accessories Can Be Used to Create Relaxation

Garden Accessories Can Be Used to Create Relaxation (House Beatiful)
Garden Accessories Can Be Used to Create Relaxation (House Beatiful)

You can create a relaxing garden atmosphere with the right garden accessories. This can be important to anyone living in an urban setting. Most of us live in an urban setting and want to find relaxation in our garden.
You will need to add a fence or climbing vine in a small area to screen the urban view and noise control as part of your garden structure. Once you have the screen in place you can begin the rest of your garden design.
If you are using a fence I recommend getting some pots or planters that will grow plants on the fence. Growing plants on your fence you will have added growing space and you will see green and not the fence.
The next step to creating a relaxing garden is creating a place just to hang out and relax. Create a small deck or patio area. You will want to consider this your secret garden. It should be screened from prying eyes and noise. You can do this by planting large pots of fast growing vines or planting trees. Three pots with one at each corner and one in the middle will usually do the job.
Your secret garden is where you will hang out and relax. You will want to place a place to sit, relax and enjoy this spot. Here you will place a bench, chairs and a table for a cool drink. Select furniture that requires little care and you find comfortable. I have wooden chairs with large arms for my drink in my secret garden. These do require minimal annual care. Pick something you can live with and you will find yourself spending time and relaxing in your garden.
You will want to put a water feature in this area of your garden. Humans are wired to relax to the sound of trickling water. There are even solar water pumps these days so you won’t have to run electricity. If the area is close to your fence you may want to place a wall fountain in this area. This will save on space. Small planter type fountains are available and gives you the ability to plant waterlily or lotus flower. You will find the aroma from the lotus flower very appealing.
Planters should be planted with other aromatic plants such as roses, german chamomile, mint or any plant that the smell gives you a sense of joy and relaxation. Everybody has a favorite smell that relaxes them.
Following these simple steps will give you a garden that you will find relaxing and enjoyable. You will find yourself relaxing right in your own back yard.